Is the Bible Really True?
   Learn what the Bible’s all about!
   Find out for yourself why it’s the all-time best-seller; the most widely read, widely published, and widely translated
book of all time!

You’ll discover things like:
  1. Where did the Bible come from?
  2. How is the Bible made up?
  3. Is it the word of God or just of men?
  4. What is the Bible’s main message?
  5. How should I respond to what the Bible says?

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We are so glad that you’ve chosen to visit our church’s web site! We know that in our fast-paced, technologically based society that a web site can be the quickest and easiest way to find a church. So we have tried our best to make our web site simple, but informative. We’ve recently made many changes to this site, and will continually do so in order to keep people up with what our church is doing – truly it’s a work in progress.


Arlington Baptist Temple is an historic, independent Baptist church with a great history, and an even more exciting future! We serve the same Lord, Jesus Christ who started His church some 2,000 years ago when He walked the earth, and His churches are still going today! We at ABT have a passion to glorify our Lord, and reach our community with His life-changing message of salvation! We’re not a perfect church (there aren’t any), but we serve a perfect Savior who wants all people to be saved and live a new life through Him!


If you’re looking for a Bible-centered, serious minded, and purposely balanced church then come visit us at ABT this week. Also, if you’re just looking for an informative web site that can help you come to know the Lord or strengthen your Christian walk, you have come to the right place as well! If we can be of any further help to you or your family, please contact us through this site.


May God richly bless you as you seek and serve Him!



7 Essentials of Salvation – Bible Study (PDF)

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