Missionary Questionnaire

If you’re a missionary filling out this questionnaire, let me begin by thanking you for your patience and willingness to help us in deciding which missionaries our church should support. I hope you understand that in our modern day of doctrinal confusion and man-made worship, it’s important that we know what our missionaries believe and practice so that we can be fully behind them in our prayers, contact, and financial support. It is not our desire to come across as “know it alls”, or to in any way question your own salvation or calling – that is between you and the Lord, period! But as good stewards of the money God’s people are giving towards missions, I owe it to Him and our church membership to make sure, as their pastor, that our missionaries are “on the same page” with us!

Before we can consider having you come to present your field to us, we would ask that you fill out the following questionnaire and send it back to us either by email or hard copy, and we will look over it and reply promptly. Be brief with your answers, but say enough that we will know where you’re coming from. For example, including scripture references would be great, but there is no need to write them out or to give us multiplied references in making your point. If sending a hard copy, typed and not hand-written answers are preferred!

Please understand that even if we feel that you are “of like faith and practice” with our church, we may not be able to have you come at this time for other reasons such as previous scheduling, financial constraints, or already having mission work that we support in your desired field. Again, thank you for your time and patience in giving us this information!

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1. What version of the Bible do you use in English or its’ equivalent in another language, and why?

2. What would you consider are the essential truths about Jesus Christ that a person must believe in order to be saved?

3. In your evangelism, what do you tell a sinner that they must do to be saved?

4. Explain what you believe about predestination and election:

5. What are your beliefs about child evangelism?

6. What is your position on creation/evolution?

7. Define the church including when it was started, how someone becomes part of it, and where it is to be found today:

8. Why are you a Baptist?

9. What is the purpose of missions, and how would/does your mission work look while operating on the field:

10. What are your beliefs about baptism and observing the Lord’s Supper?

11. What do you believe about “Spirit baptism” or the “baptism of the Holy Spirit”?

12. What are your beliefs concerning the “gifts of the Spirit” such as tongues, healing, and continued revelation from God?

13. Describe your position on music in the church:

14. What are your beliefs concerning holiness and separation in the Christian life?

15. List the order of events, as you see them in scripture, for the 2nd coming of Christ:


Thank you for your answers, we will get back in contact with you!